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LightSavers Canada is a national market consortium that aims to step up the adoption of LED lighting and smart adaptive controls in certain general illumination applications. LightSavers Canada will assist municipal and provincial governments, public institutions, and private companies that own or manage lighting assets to learn from each other about LED and smart control performance, procurement, and financing.

Rigorous trials in many places have shown that LEDs and adaptive controls can reduce electricity use 50-70% in outdoor applications. These lighting solutions offer compelling public benefits that include significantly lower operating costs, central management of lighting assets, improved visibility and public safety, and reduced light pollution and carbon emissions.

Founding sponsor Natural Resources Canada is supporting the development of scale-up tools, communication activities, and a national summit focused on the scale-up of LED and adaptive control technologies in outdoor applications.

LightSavers Canada launched (Press release - March 29, 2012) - English | français

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Ottawa considers $40 million LED streetlight plan

Council's Environment Committee receives Energy Management report » More


City of Markham installs 8,000 LED streetlights

City reaches milestone in its 12,300 unit retrofit. » More


Edmonton shares LED expertise with Calgary

Technology exchange: Edmonton's LED parking pilot and Calgary's ParkPlus System machines » More


Saskatchewan Green Party urges switch to LEDs

The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is calling for SaskPower and municipalities to switch to LEDs and better controllers for street lights. » More


Hull, England converting 2,000 streetlights to LED

Earlier this week Hull City Council announced plans to convert about 2,000 street lights across the city to LED next year. » More


Coulee Dam to get LED street lights

When completed, just over 300 LED (light-emitting diode) street lights will save the town about 60 percent in energy costs, plus additional maintenance savings. » More


NYC undertakes world's largest LED streetlighting retrofit

The phasing out is part of the administration’s long-term plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2017. » More


Kingston, ON LED retrofits half-way installed

Utilities Kingston crews have reached the half-way point in the city-wide LED lighting upgrade project. Over 5,400 of the nearly 10,000 high wattage streetlight fixtures have been replaced with energy-saving light emitting diode (LED) fixtures. » More


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